Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

We Work Together, WE ROCK!

Community Rocks!

We Celebrate, Educate & Empower Youth and Communities through Music, Arts, Wellness & Give Back

Our mission is for ALL kids and families to have access to MUSIC, ARTS, WELLNESS, POSITIVE OUTLETS and opportunities to GIVE BACK.  We promote self-expression, cross-cultural education and environmental awareness at every event in which we are involved.  Our  PROGRAMS include year-round classes (in-person and online), camps, service projects, performances and afterschool activities to keep our kids and community CREATIVE, ACTIVE, SAFE, HEALTHY & KIND. Community Rocks! provides programs to all populations including at-risk youth, senior citizens and individuals with disabilities.  We currently have programs in Camden, Collingswood, Gloucester City and Audubon, NJ.  

When Covid hit, we hit the streets and the TRACK TEAM was born (we run tracks and record tracks!) When playgrounds STAYED closed the outdoors became our classroom for Music, Arts and FitnessROCKS! classes.  With guitars in hand and boxes for drums we were skipping and flipping, throwing and performing Active Arts and the CIRCUS IN THE CITY was born.  We hope you can "Join the Circus" this spring. Check out our schedule and join us on-line or in-person for classes and GIMME 5!  Five things every day to earn High5s🖐🏾🖐🏻🖐🖐🏿🖐🏽 
Today and every day, do something Creative, Active, Kind, Read-Write-ROCK & Shine and GIMME 5 every time! 

Community Partners!

COLLABORATING with COMMUNITY members, local businesses and organizations, Community Rocks! provides safe SPACES & PLACES for kids, teens, families and folks to EXPRESS, create, PERFORM, learn, LAUGH, love, STRENGTHEN, serve and CELEBRATE community. Thank you to our community partners including Virtua Foundation, Collingswood Music, Ovations Dance Studio, P.A.C.E, ACS Press, Christus Lutheran Church, Crescent Moon Wellness, Valenzano Winery, YARDS Brewing Company, Rosebud Academy and Severino Pasta.  


 Community Rocks Corp. was founded out of Studio LuLoo (est.2006-2018), a creative, healing and performing arts space that brought together family and folks, young and old, to express themselves through music, art and yoga.  "LuLoo" as it was called, was a community arts center by day, and a music venue by night.  The name was inspired by  "LuLoo" a pink-haired purple winged musical magical fairy (and Sara O'Brien's "alter ego" born one Halloween night in Athens, GA ).  In June 2010, Community Rocks officially became exempt and our work went "on tour"  throughout neighboring cities and communities.


  • Studio LuLoo was established  in November, 2006. 
  • Studio LuLoo-Community Rocks hosted bands and performers from around the country and different parts of the world 
  • The first location was  1001 White Horse Pike, Haddon Township, NJ (now the SoHa Building)  (link CBS video) 
  • In 2008 we moved across the street to 916 White Horse Pike in Oaklyn and simultaneously opened a Studio Luloo Kids in Haddonflied, just for kids.  
  • Community Rocks Corp. officially became exempt on June 21, 2010
  • Studio LuLoo, home of Community Rocks made its 4th moved to  215 W. Clinton Avenue, Oaklyn, NJ




READ-WRITE-ROCK! KIDS BAND Songs written by kids, with kids, for kids to enhance literacy, improve confidence, build self-esteem, motivate movement and empower teamwork. ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: singing, dancing, songwriting and recording as well as Intro to guitar, ukulele, drums, keyboard, piano and percussive instruments.  To date, we’ve recorded three full length albums:  The HoneyBabes in 2006, Please Stop Complaining in 2010 (the two combined into the WE ROCK Compilation CD in 2011 ).  Then Let Yourself Shine! in 2017



Service and Volunteer Opportunities


 Kids Open Mic Nights, 

T.E.A.M Littles

MLK DAY 2021

MLK Days of Service, Celebration & Selma!

 January 16-26th

Upcoming Everything

Recorded music written by kids, with kids, for kids!

Let Yourself Shine!

WE ROCK! Compilation CD

Please Stop Complaining

The HoneyBabes




Give Thanks, Give Back


Let Yourself Shine! CD of 10 original songs written by Sara O'Brien & the Community Rocks! Kids



Please donate $5 (or any multiple of $5) and from now until January 31st, EVERY dollar will be doubled, MATCHED by an anonymous donor who strongly believes in our mission to create community and bring joy through creative & active arts, wellness and giving back.

All donations will be used to fund:
-Free online and in-person classes, programs & events
-Fitness supplies and instruction for outdoor classes
-Literacy, Music and Art supplies and instruction
-Warm hats, gloves & sweatshirts
-GIVE BACK projects including MLK Day of Service Supplies for 1/18/20
-TOUR BUS Fund for Travel and Transportation
-Kids Rock! Scholarship Fund for kids to attend classes and programs at community partner locations including Ovations Dance Studio and Collingswood Music

Needed items can also be purchased on our Amazon Wish List (and the doubling still counts!) Be sure to use smile.amazon.com and support Community Rocks Corp.
For complete information about our programs, VISIT: www.communityrocks.orgfacebook.com/communityrocksnjhttps://www.instagram.com/communityrockskids/. EMAIL: info@communityrocks.org, CALL/TEXT: 856.296.2274
Thank you for your support. We wish you a healthy new year full of joy and laughter.
peace, love, respect, compassion, kindess, be the joy, Bring the JOY!

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